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Hi :) I'm Talitha.

I am a filmmaker and photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I love everything that has to do with visual storytelling including film, video editing, photography and graphic design.

I am a highly organised person and enjoy using my technical abilities to create meaningful experiences.

Telling people's stories.

I've always loved telling stories and I firmly believe in the importance of sharing perspectives from diverse walks of life. I enjoy doing this through film, documentary-style content and photography.

Communicating a feeling.

I enjoy using visual mediums to convey the experience of being at a place or event at a specific moment. My work strives to capture these feelings, engaging the senses – eyes, mind and heart. This approach creates a powerful and immersive experience.

Striving for excellence.

I strive for excellence in my work. Organization is key to my work ethic, aiding in achieving high standards.         I dedicate extensive hours to create top-quality video and photo content, reflecting my pursuit of excellence.

I'd love to work with you

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I provide a array of services including video editing, videography, graphic design and event & portrait photography.